Hi, I'm Amit Singh & These are My Stupid Lines !

I’m glad you are here, reading and enjoying ( hahaha, Really ) my stupid posts. Initially I started this as a travel blog to share my travel stories and experience but unfortunately things did not happened according to my plan.

Now I am here, write whatever comes in my mind which can be anything like brilliant ideas ( hahaha.., not really ), stupid thoughts, funny stories ( actually no buddy like it, even me )… hmmm! in one line I write here garbage flowing in my mind continuously¬† day & night ( including horror dreams also, Ehhh…! ).

dear destination
Hey, He is watching you. Don’t Laugh !


If you are also interested to spoil my site with your thoughts, stories, experiences etc, send me a mail using the contact form. ( not all posts will be published, only those that can make me mad…, hahaha )

By the way I am Computer Science Graduate and have no job ( Ehhh…., I am completely responsible for it and not blaming a single person nor making a single excuse ! ) till writing these stupid lines. Jobless life gives me lot of times to waste but wait, you’re doing the same right now my dear friend.

In this last stupid line, I will only say ‘Thank You’ to all who like to read my blog, subscribers, followers, everybody who visit on this site. Subscribe my blog and also follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.¬†

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure - Colin Powell